10 Mistakes You're Making At 30 That Could Mess With Your Life At 40

Everyone assumes they should party their lights out in their 20s. Once they hit the big “30”, life as they know it will end, right? Yeah, that’s just all kinds of wrong! People in their 30s tend to step in it by making the following mistakes, and by the time they’re 40, their lives are a complete and total mess. But you can make a few changes today that’ll dramatically improve your life in the future.

You’re Way Too Obsessed With Aging

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You can’t hit the snooze button on aging. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. But you’re 30 and thinking about every little line and pore on your face. You could very well get fillers and plastic surgery to try to stop the process. There’s nothing wrong with a little touch up. But wait until you’re in your mid-40s for something bigger than that, like a face-lift. That’s when you’ll really want one and you won’t compromise your health.

You Spend Weekends Binge-Watching TV Shows


You spend your weekends, evenings, and vacation time lounging on the couch eating junk food. We’re not saying you can’t binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix once in a while. But doing it all the time turns your mind and body into mush. So, go out on a date, hang out with some friends, or take a trip.

You Don’t Experience Life


There’s one thing you’ll value more than a shopping spree, a big screen TV, or a game console… and that’s life experiences. So instead of buying a mountain of stylish clothes, consider climbing an actual mountain. Take a trip, or go on group vacation. Making memories is more valuable than any object.

You Stopped Making Friends


Forming close bonds at 30 is important. It ensures you’ll have a circle of friends who’ll support you later in life, like when you’re sick, break up, get fired, or lose a loved one. You can’t handle it alone. But that’s what might end up happening if your forget to connect with people.

You Stopped Studying


After you graduated college, you threw your cap in the air and said “I’m done.” But science is discovering new inventions, new planets, and new technology to get us there. So, don’t close your mind to the information revolution taking place right now. If you’ve always wanted to study something, do a little digging around and take that course. Don’t be afraid to start a career either if it’s something you’ve always wanted. You’re never too old to learn.

You Dress Like A Time Traveler


You don’t have to dress like you time traveled from the 1800s. But if you dress like your grandparents, then you’ll probably feel ancient by the time you’re 40. So, keep your ensemble young and hip if that’s something you’ve always liked. You do not need to start dressing more mature just because you’re in your 30s. If you like that weird pink zebra-pattern jacket, keep it!

Social Media Is Stealing Your Life

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There’s nothing wrong with liking or commenting on social media. But if you’re obsessing over what a Kardashian is doing, posting every little detail of your life on Facebook, or thinking too much about how many likes your photos are getting, you might need to take a break.

You’re Fake All The Time


Society could care less if you’re rich or poor, successful or not, so don’t waste time trying to make it seem like you’re successful, rich, and pretty much “living your best life”. If you feel like you need to show off how “well” you’re doing, then work on why you’re suddenly feeling that way.

You Obsess Over Nothing


Life is like a roller-coaster. Along the way, you’ll experience some nasty ups and downs. So, don’t waste your time and energy obsessing about useless things or things you can’t control. It’ll wear down your batteries.

You Radically Alter Your Life


You think you have to get married and have kids just because you’re in your 30s. But if you rush into things to meet some outdated social standard, you’ll wind up divorced by the time you hit 40. It’s your life. Don’t do anything you don’t want until you’re ready.