These 12 Preemie Babies Smiling For The Camera Will Give You Happy Tears

Premature babies are the ones that are born before the expected time of the delivery i.e. before 37 weeks. Some may call preemie babies to be weak and the ones with a little chance of surviving but the reality are the other way round, They are fighters, they are survivors, they are born in the middle of the battle to come out in the world and try all that they can to make it through. Their smiles say it all and here we have a collection of beautiful fighters who will make you believe in love, compassion, and strength.

Here are pictures of 12 such preemie babies who are smiling for the camera and look extremely adorable.

1. Look at that beautiful smile. 

2. Born at 33 weeks, this one’s a real strong fellow. 

3. Weighing 5lb this baby is an epitome of bravery. 

4. This baby was born weighing 3 lb but now, he’s 16 weeks old. Look at him shining so bright. 

5. Meet Evelyn, born at 25 weeks but that smile. That can put a big smile on anyone’s face. 

6. Kennedy, born at 31 weeks and weighing 3 lb 2 oz, won’t stop smiling anyway.

7. Meet the gorgeous twins who were born at 26 weeks and weighed just 1 lb and 11 oz. Aren’t they stunners? 

8. Nothing says happy more aloud than this little lady here. 

9. This gorgeous baby was born weighing 3 lb and is now 7 years old. 

10. 17 months old this baby is a proof that preemie babies are an inspiration.

11. 7 weeks premature but won’t give up.

12. Look at that precious little hand waving its first hi and his cheerful first smile. 

Precious, aren’t they?