15 Wedding Dress Fails Which Will Make These Brides Cringe For Years To Come!

Every girl dreams of a memorable wedding and a wonderful wedding dress which will be remembered  by everyone for years! Well it seems that these brides should have thought harder about it before finalizing on their dresses! All brides are beautiful but sorry the dress can be a little too memorable sometimes. Read on to know:

#1 Wear something you can eat!

Well this bride did take this thought way too seriously! Also whoever meets the bride can have a bite too!

#2 Less is more?

Nothing really left to imagination here! The bride really made sure of that! After all it’s her wedding !

#3 Beware of pointed objects!

This bride has to be extra careful near pointed objects like pins! Also i am cringing at the thought of the noise it will make against the floor or the wall! like nails on chalkboard! *sttoopp*

#4 Back to basics!

Atleast the groom seems happy! isn’t that what we all want?

#5 Is it a cloud? Cotton Candy?

Well here the bride is on the seventh sky! surrounded by clouds.. or lost in clouds?


#6 This is not right on so many levels!

i don’t know where to begin! But i am sure this bride is not keen on dancing on her wedding day!

 #7 Where is the bride?

Crochet queen? Maybe! why would you do that to yourself ever? Especially not on your wedding day!

#8 I think they met during the games!

A sport loving wife is every man’s dream! But a games uniform wearing bride will surely make the man wonder about his decisions!

#9 Run for your life!

This seems cool but if I see this walking towards me at the aisle I am surely going to run scared! I hope this was a prank!

#10 Trump away!

Love for politics is one thing and showing the support on your wedding day might be something too much! what happened to the beautiful white bride!


#11 In your face!

A bride surely wants to be the center of attraction on her wedding day! But ending up with a literal face on your dress is something I am seeing for the first time!

#12 With her inspiration!

Seems like the bride decided to bring her dress designer to the wedding!

#13 You can now ‘try’ to kiss the bride!

The groom will have a tough time trying to swim across yards of chiffon and tulle to kiss his bride!

#14 Bright as a bulb!

everyone will surely notice the bride even in a dark room! God forbid if any of the wire connections are loose on that dress! Electrified wedding!

#15 Walking on a path of fire!

The bride wanted to show how hot she is leaving behind a trail of fire! Quick grab a bucket!