7 Over The Top Dishes That Are Close To Obscene

If you are bored of being bombed by boring healthy foods here is the Youtube Channel that you have been waiting for: Hellthy JunkFood. Their videos show recipes of delicious dishes with tons of calories that will make you drool.

The channel was create by JP Lambiase and his wife, both cooks. Together, they defy all healthy eaters and create this awesome calorie bombs.

In their master pieces you can find the recipes for burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and snacks that are close to being obscene.
Check out these succulent dished that we are pretty sure our doctors would forbid. It’s food porn at it extreme:

The Great Cheetos Pizza


The Awesome Bacon Sandwich

The 4 Pound Snickers Bar

The Metaburger


The True Oreo Cone

The Doritos Locos Tacos

The Burger Pizza Inception