8 Celebrity Tricks That Help Them Take Stunning Photos

Ask any model, actress, influencer, or news anchor and they’ll tell you they’ve got their own hacks that allow them to look amazing in photos. YouTube beauty gurus rely on heavy lightning equipment, makeup, post-editing work, and color correction. Models, on the other hand, know how to work their bodies in order to enhance their best features. They contort their bodies in a way that makes their already-perfect physique look simply surreal.

First Of All, They’re Total Pros


Models, influencers, and actresses have been photographed for years. But there’s more than Facetuning, editing, and knowing how to angle your face or body a certain way. The knowledge and experience these celebrities have gained in their careers have given them great pointers on how to look more photogenic almost instantly. In fact, these tricks are so simple, anyone can try them!

Taylor Swift Bites Her Cheeks


One of the world’s leading contemporary artists enhances her already-gorgeous cheekbones by biting on her cheeks a little. But doing this and showing some teeth the way Taylor Swift does may require some practice. So, what are you waiting for? Stand in front of the mirror and get started!

Ariana Grande Finds The Light


More specifically, she tilts her head and shifts towards the light so her features stand out a bit more. By doing so, Ari’s skin looks as if it was Photoshopped in real life. Bathing her face in the light also allows her incredible cheekbones to pop up. If you weren’t blessed with high cheekbones, you can just dab a bit of highlighter on the highest point of your face and make sure to stand directly in front of a window.

Meghan Markle Bends Her Head


If you’re not looking so friendly in your latest shot, try doing what Duchess Meghan Markle does. She bends her head forward and to the side. This, along with her wide-open eyes and her million dollar smiles, makes her look super friendly and approachable.

Jennifer Lawrence Raises Her Eyebrow


This has got to be the oldest beauty trick in the book, but it truly works. Not only does it make your eyelids a bit wider by stretching the skin, but it also helps you pull off that “come-hither” look that’s simply irresistible.

Mila Kunis Squints Her Eyes Slightly


If you want your photos to shine like a Hollywood star, then try this neat little trick that actress Mila Kunis uses. She forces her upper eyelids down and then relaxes them. But you should know that this will only work on people with big eyes. Don’t try this if your eyes are too narrow or your pupils won’t show in the photograph.

Charlize Theron Exhales Through Her Lips


Charlize Theron doesn’t need lip fillers to plump up her lips, and frankly, most of us can’t afford them anyway. So it’s a good thing that she relies on what her momma gave her, (her incredible genes) and this nifty little trick. If you want to pull off a spectacular pic, try doing what she does, which is to exhale through the mouth. This gives your lips the illusion that they’re more voluminous.

Blake Lively Raises Her Tongue


No one wants a double chin, but dieting and exercising won’t get rid of one right away. Fortunately, former “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively knows a trick. She puts her tongue on the roof of her mouth, which makes the neck muscles contract, making the chin line look far more flattering.

Megan Fox Sticks Her Tongue Out


The “Transformers” star is undoubtedly gorgeous! All she has to do is stand there and let the paparazzi take a picture. We guarantee she’d look ridiculously pretty without even trying! But she really wins Hollywood and her fans over by doing her signature move, which involves sticking her tongue out ever so slightly. It’s a simple trick, and admittedly a bit odd, but it can make a shot skyrocket and make you come off as super confident.

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