9 Luxurious Hotel Services That Are Really Expensive But People Are Still Paying For

Are you tired of staying at run-of-the-mill Airbnb apartments or plain hotel rooms? Want to take your travel accommodations to the next level? Then check out these super odd hotels that feature some of the most lavish services we’ve ever seen before. But keep in mind that if you want to get treated like royalty, you’ll need to spend some cold hard cash.

Enjoy A Relaxing Night At Hotel Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

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For about $205 a night, (yup, you read that right!) guests can spend the night at this majestic salt hotel that is located on the banks of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The walls and all the furniture are entirely made from salt, but you’ll still feel like you’re staying at a high-end resort. Wi-fi is available in all areas. Plus, you can get a massage at their concept spa for a full-blown sensory trip.

Stay At An Ancient Castle In Castillo de Arteaga, Spain

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Ever wanted to vacation in a castle? Who wouldn’t? The Castillo de Arteaga is located in Spain and will have you feeling like royalty. For around $180 a night you can stay in a suite with 13th-century castle decor that looks like the backdrop of a period movie. The Castillo de Arteaga was originally built in the 13th century and has been upgraded to offer all the modern comforts of our time. The castle is preserved to emulate the ornate and intricate architecture and stylings of an empress. So lavish!

The Icehotel Is Sweden Even Comes With Ice Furniture

Icehotel / booking.com

Most people take vacations to escape the cold, but now thousands of tourists are traveling far and wide to stay at a hotel made of ice. The Icehotel in Sweden is both a hotel and an art exhibit all in one. As the name suggests, it’s made entirely out of snow and ice harvested from the Torne River. From the walls to the furniture, everything is a mixture of snow and ice. Rooms cost a whooping $900 a night. So if you’re looking for a unique “once in a lifetime” experience, this is it!

Watch The Northern Lights At This Spectacular 5 Million Star Hotel In Iceland

The 5 Million Star Hotel / booking.com

This revolutionary hotel allows guests to fully immerse in one of the most beautiful sights Iceland has to offer: the northern lights. You get to lay in bed, look up at the ceiling, and see the northern lights, first hand! The 5 Million Star Hotel in Iceland features bubble suites that resemble igloos.

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The suites are located deep in the woods, and the clear walls and ceiling allow guests to enjoy the scenery and watch the magical northern lights from the comfort of their bed. The suites are simple and small. Perfect for guests who love camping but don’t want to “rough it”! A bubble suite costs $200 a night and the room includes a bed, lamp, and outlet.

Stay At An Apartment That’s Shaped As A UFO In Sweden

Treehotel / booking.com

The Treehotel in Sweden features an apartment-style suite that is anything but ordinary. In fact, this suite is pretty out of this world! The room is designed to look just like a UFO and is placed mid-air between a group of trees. Whoever designed this suite took tree houses to a whole new level! The UFO suite fits five guests and costs $456 a night. But staying at a UFO hotel room and fulfilling all your sci-fi dreams is truly priceless!

The Glass Cube Guesthouse Is Located At The Entrance Of A National Forest

Glass Cube Guesthouse / booking.com

The Glass Cube Guesthouse in Zhangjiajie, China is located right at the entrance of a stunning national forest. It comes with full glass walls, and…a toilet on the roof. Yup. This hotel room is clearly one of a kind! The glass walls make for breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. The roof features a private barbeque, a spa, a pool, and a toilet on the roof. It’s quirky, but quite a peaceful experience. You’d be able to pee while being surrounded by the treetop view of the national forest, which makes this accommodation a total hidden gem! The guest house is shaped just like a glass cube. To stay in this unique location you’d have to fork over $230 a night.

Stay In An Underwater Room In Shangai, China

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The surreal rooms of interContinental Shanghai Wonderland are located on the side of a quarry. The rooms are located below ground level, creating underwater suites. The rooms are available for a jaw-dropping $680 a night, but clearly, this hotel is not your run-of-the-mill B&B. Guests can look out the window and see their own aquarium of salt-water fish. The interContinental hotel is also known for their spectacular water-light show every night.

Spend The Night At A Hotel That Was Built Inside A Former Prison

The Liberty a Luxury Collection Hotel / booking.com

The average person spends their entire life trying to avoid spending time in jail. But, if you’re itching for a night in prison or a truly unique hotel experience…for $725 a night you can stay in an old prison in Boston, Massachusetts. And, according to their Trip Advisor description, The Liberty has “the spirit of a landmark liberated following an extensive $150 million acquisition, renovation, and construction process.”

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This luxury collection hotel was once the Charles Street Jail. But now, the historic site has undergone extensive renovations and turned into a luxury hotel. The elements of the jail are still apparent in the structure, which guests would be able to appreciate.

The Hanedan Cave Suites In Turkey Are Packed With A Jacuzzi And Antique Furniture

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Adventurous guests can book a room inside of a cave in Turkey. But the whole experience is a lot more lavish than it sounds. Aside from the intricate and beautiful architecture of the rooms that have been carved into the cave, each room is fully decked with modern appliances, antique furniture, and a luxurious jacuzzi. The cave structures will make you feel like you’ve entered another dimension. So if you want to feel like royalty, check out the Hanedan Cave Suites that go for $740 a night.