This Artist Highlights Animals’ Beauty With Tribal Designs

Amazing Wild Animales With An Artistic Touch

Nature’s majestic essence reveals itself to us through its wildlife, letting us appreciate incredible landscapes, as well as the beautiful animals in their natural habitat.
As humans we have lost our ability to be amazed, but we have to realise we live in a fascinating world.
Rohan Sharad Dahotre is aware of this and he has created a collection of images, named “Animal Doodles”, to praise and highlight the beauty of these creatures.

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This artist feels a special attraction for tribal designs, and uses Adobe Illustrator to edit images that he finds on Google. His alterations looks as if they had been applied originally on the body of a rhinoceros, a lion or a bird among others.

“This project is a tribute to all the animals, highlighting the beauty of each of their traits, their behaviour, their colours and their textures through drawing”, declared Sharad.

Learn more about Rohan’s work at Behance.