"Average Rob" Sneaks Himself Into Celebrity Snaps And The Results Are Hilarious

Instagram is full of people trying to imitate famous Hollywood celebrities, some nail at it while others try and do something as creative as this Instagram user did. “Average Rob,” an Instagram user from Belgium shows off his impressive Photoshop skills. He snuck himself cleverly into pictures of famous Hollywood celebrities. From hugging the pregnant pop queen Beyonce to chilling in the bathtub with Bob Marley, this guy has some crazy Photoshop skills. Oh, and yes, he was in the loo while Selena was getting her Instagram worthy “FETISH” snap.

Let’s see how Average Rob sneaks himself into celebrity snaps.

Average Bob, someone who’s Instagram bio says, “Mediocre dude from Belgium” has crazy skills. He cleverly photoshopped himself hilariously everywhere. The keen Instagrammer has now racked up 213k Instagram followers and it seems like people are going insane over his mad skills.

Here are some of his best photos:

1. In the loo but hey, Selena? 

2. You need to tidy up the room, Taylor!

3. Well, you know! Me and Bruno, we’re tight. 

4. Hey! Beckham, I am sure you could use a towel. 

5. Phew! Thank God for underpants and ok, Spiderman!

6. We just found out who Kim’s Surrogate is?!

7. Reynold’s and Lively’s third child.

8. Watch out Kylie, you have an intruder! 

9. Uff!! This is like a dream come true. 

10. And how could we miss Obama? 

11. Lovato has a sexy boyfriend. I like it! 

12. Look how Ellen is enjoying her conversation.