Body Positivity Blogger Loves Her Loose Skin And She Encourages Us To Love Too

Kenzie Brenna, actress and body positivity blogger mentions how she feels on noticing her least favourite body part which is still noticeable and can be got rid of with money.
Our skins get scarred naturally due to illness, obesity, weight reduction, etc. and if you want money can erase them.
But then what inspires us is that she feels they are kind of cool and like the beginning of a long story and that she would not want to erase them either the story. Pregnancy and giving birth is the most incredible feeling women can have, but it is accompanied with stretch marks which never go away, fade and most of them hate it. But the story that each of these body marks reveals in the form of a life growing cannot be traded for anything in this world.

Meet Kenzie Brenna, the one who suggests we should get comfortable with the scars.

She suggests we should get comfortable with them as erasing them would not affect the quality of her life or make her kinder, generous or a better lover and getting rid of these marks cannot improve the quality of who she is.

Many of us get tattoos made to flaunt a perfect physique then some get them erased again which is both painful and cumbersome on the pocket.  Our inner feeling, happiness, bliss are what we feel about ourselves.

Scars or no scars, cannot improve our quality of life, emotions, love life, etc.

She further emphasises that money cannot buy inner happiness or make anyone feel perfect, as perfect isn’t a feeling and her promise on practising self-love and to have tender moments with yourself is the most inspirational.

Like skin gets scars and marks naturally due to various body processes, we also in life go through sadness and happiness which leaves marks on our soul.

Likewise, if we practice self-love we can steer through ups and downs of life with ease, and keep on falling in love with ourselves all over again, every time.

She doesn’t just suggests us to love our body but also says that she is sick of being called brave.

She often thought why some people call her skinny when she’s fully clothed while some of them would also call her brave for showing her tummy on social media.

She was unhappy and she posted a picture showing off her bulged stomach.


She said, “Bravery requires an act of courage and courage isn’t a characteristic we find unless the odds are against us.”

There isn’t a need to feel brave. When she shows herself, she just feels like herself. It’s more about you being yourself.

Se wants you to believe that too!