Boyfriend Captured Every Stage Of His Girlfriend's Cancer On Camera

Cancer is known to be one of the most dreadful diseases and the pain or the suffering can only be faced by the patient. Diseases definitely take a toll on your life but if you have someone who loves you besides you to hold your hand and let you stand tall before you embrace it, even the difficult days turn into days worth breathing in all the love.
Angelo Merendino, an American photographer captured his girlfriend, Jennifer’s last days in the most beautiful ways possible. The pictures show how Jeniffer took every inch of pain with a broad smile on her face living every moment like it is the last to be enjoyed.
This is probably the best thing ever captured.

1. Angelo Merendino captured every moment of his girlfriend’s last moment and her battle with cancer in the most beautiful way possible.

2. Meet the adorable couple.

3. Look at how poised and beautifully confident she is.

4. Her boyfriend proved that he loves her no matter what.

5. This is the two of them before Jennifer’s chemotherapy.

6. The pain can clearly be seen on her face but with Angelo beside her, she could sleep like a baby.

7. And love is a feeling that makes the most dreadful pain fade away like fog.

8. This is Jennifer with her dog. Look at the smiles.

9. And all the medications laid on the bed.

10. She knew exactly what was near but she stood against it, fighting calmly.

11. Don’t you want to salute her for all the bravery that she’s sporting?

12. The last few yet really special moments with the fam.

13. And the last picture.

14. With her last words, “I loved it all,” she left the world with tons of memories and a strong heart.