Our Earth Is Dying And These 20 Painful Pictures Prove That

Life on the earth has suffered a great amount of extinction; eliminating over half and 97% species from the planet earth. In another word, if we may put this, and as conservationists say this is called â€śrestructure the biosphere.” Life takes a million years to restart and recover and such extinctions are harmful to the ecosystem. Our earth is dying and we have a couple of painful pictures to prove you how.
People in power try and twist the reality by confusing people all around and pointing out extinction as a result of climate change and destruction but we should not fail to notice that the changes are all a consequence of our harmful activities. Count in pollution, global warming, and ozone depletion, everything is a consequence of what we are doing to our environment. These pictures will make you try to do some changes at a personal level.

Here are the painful pictures that will prove that our earth is dying.

1. Workers cleaning thousands of dead pigs from the Shanghai river.

2. This factory pumping all its smoke in the forest air.

3. The hidden and dirty secrets of the Great Wall of China. 

4. This Koala is sad for deforestation takes away his home. 

5. This tortoise trapped in the plastic was forced to grow around it. 

6. Pollution and all that smog over Mexico City.

7. Smog over Los Angeles. 

8. Dead fish floating down a river that is fully polluted. 

9. Hing Kong has a fake skyline for tourists to get their picture clicked because there’s a lot of smog all around.

10. The reality of China and it’s sickening.

11. The bird dies, suffocated by all that oil. 

12. A child drinking from a polluted stream in China.

13. A boy enjoying a swim through all things plastic and waste. Well, he is trying to search for something to sell. 

14. Another river in China. Ouch!

15. Look at all that toxic algae in the river. 

16. This seal struggling against plastic is painful to look at. 

17. California’s Lake Shasta at its lowest record. 

18. This lake is supposed to be the main source of water for Jakarta. 

19. The yellow river in China. 

20. An oil pipeline that exploded in China.