These Adorable Tiny Homes Are Only $1,000 And They're Comfortable, Cozy, And Chic

Owning a home these days is a major challenge, but building a home sounds totally insane! Imagine all the materials you’d have to buy, the equipment you’d need, and all the labor you’d have to put in. But these tiny homes are 8×8 feet, and only cost $1,000!

Affordable And Tiny

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There’s a company in Texas called Arched Cabins that offers a wide number of options for tiny homes that fit most people’s needs like a hunting lodge, retirement home, or even an art studio. But that’s not even the best part!

The Bare Minimum

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Arched Cabins allows people to design their dream tiny houses. They feature 8×8 feet model homes with the start up price of a whopping $1,000. But the cost can rise if you want to customize one of these tiny homes to fit your needs.

Most Affordable Loft

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The $1,000 model home has an arched roof design, which gives the homeowner a lot more space on top. So, they could basically turn this into a loft to sleep on top and live in the bottom area.

Most Expensive

Arched Cabins

The company caters to everyone’s needs, so they also offer a more expensive model with all the upgrades and feels of a small home. It measures 30×40 feet and will run around $20,000.

$20,000, You Say?

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Before you freak about throwing 20k in the can, be aware that it’s way more affordable than buying a conventional home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a 30-year mortgage.

Delivery Costs Extra

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The larger models run you about $18,000, but the delivery costs extra. Relax! They only charge you $2.50 per mile. But it’s worth the extra cost to put your home wherever you want.

Standing In Your Way

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There’s only one thing standing in the way and that’s cost. If you have the money to afford a more customized tiny home, then you’ll have a little extra space to stretch your arms and legs in.

Impressive Interior

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This is a 24×32 feet model home with an iron balcony, a full bar, a spacious kitchen, and a living room area. It also contains a bedroom and bathroom, too.

The Perfect Home

Arched Cabins

The 20×40-feet model home proves how much you can do with an arched cabin. There’s plenty of wide-open living space downstairs and a spacious loft upstairs in this wooden-walled dwelling.


Arched Cabins

The building process of the arched 17-feet by 4-inch arched roof cabins is so simple that anyone can do it. It’s quick and easy, so you don’t have to spend months waiting for your perfect home to be built. People will finally be able to afford their very own home that’s tiny, minimalistic, and oh-so-cozy!