15 Ways To Tell You're Finally An Adult (And Loving It!)

Being an adult kinda sucks. There are bills to pay, chores to do, and so many things to stay on top of. It’s no surprise that we start to miss some of the things we totally took for granted as kids. You know that you’re really grown up when you start to appreciate these things that you used to find yawn-inducing at best. Thread count, tea time, and a weekend with no plans now sounds a lot better than partying ’till you blackout!

A Weekend With No Plans

There was a time when this would have depressed you. But now, even though you’re kind of embarrassed to admit it, you’re totally stoked when you’ve got a free weekend. That’s 48 hours straight without having to go anywhere, see anyone or do anything apart from resting. Netflix and chill by yourself like the adult that you are!

Quality Bed Sheets

When you know what a thread count is, actually spend precious time researching the best sheets to buy, and are able to have entire conversations on the subject, you know you’re a goddamn adult!

A Sunny Weekend

Not so you can chill out on the beach and get a tan, but so you can get your laundry done and know that it’s going to dry outside. Aww, the little things in life, am I right?

A Clean Home

You’ll probably never appreciate the actual cleaning part, but the results? It’s like your home has turned into a boutique hotel! Your adult self loves how it sparkles, smells and feels brand new.

Scented Candles

You know you’ve grown up when you get excited about getting a new candle. The most ridiculous thing is when you don’t even want to light it, and instead just sit there and admire its pristine beauty.

A Friend Cancelling After-Work Plans

You love your friends, but sometimes you regret arranging meeting them for dinner in the middle of a busy week. After a long day, all you want to do is get home, get into your PJ’s and chill the heck out. So when you receive a message starting with “I’m so sorry I’m going to have to cancel…” all you can feel is relief.


You want what you can’t have, right? And as an adult that definitely applies to naps. You know it’s bad when you feel jealous of that baby sleeping opposite you on the subway, or even that snoozing cat with no worries on his life.

Living With Your Parents

You spent your entire high school life dreaming of the day when you could finally leave home and be free. But now it’s happened you realize that yeah, independence is nice, but not having to pay the rent or worry about bills is even nicer.

A 10 pm Bedtime

Going to bed early used to suck as a kid, but as an adult, it’s like a big treat. Who doesn’t love setting their phone alarm for the morning and it tells you there’s a whole 9 hours to go?

Home Cooking

There’s just something about home-cooked meals that feels like they’ve been made with love. But it’s really only after you’ve survived for weeks on food cooked in the microwave that you really start to appreciate their magic.

A Towel That’s So Fresh, So Clean

What could be more adult than inspecting your towel before you take a shower? Wrapping yourself in a fresh towel that still smells of fabric softener really optimizes that post-shower experience. It’s the small things.

To Do Lists

Because seriously, where would you be without them? Not only do to do lists keep you organized, but checking items off just feels so good. It’s like an addiction that’s acceptable in the office.

An Empty Inbox

Is there anything better than finally seeing that empty inbox image after hours of slogging through your emails? If that’s not career success, then I don’t know what is.

Practical But Boring Gifts

Now you finally get why your dad has asked for socks every Christmas for the past 20 years. You know you’re not going to get anything you really want (because your mom isn’t going to be getting you a new apartment) so you might as well get something that you need.

Your Parents

When you don’t have to see them every day or play by their rules, you totally appreciate your parents more. Plus, now you know what it’s really like to be an adult, you are so grateful to them for putting up with the annoying teenage you when they must have had so much other stuff to worry about.