Here’s Why Modern Day 30-Year-Old Women Look So Much Younger Than Our Mothers Did

The 30-year-old woman of yesteryear was considered ancient. Not only was she supposed to be married, or at least taking care of a family, but she’d also have to dress the part which really made them look way too mature for their age. But today’s modern 30-year-old woman is living life and loving it too, and they somehow manage to look not a day older than 20. How is that even possible? We might be able to shine a light in this strange phenomenon.

End Of Day

Back in the day, women assumed their lives were pretty much over when they turned 30. Why? Because women believed this was the age they peaked and their beauty would start to fade. But women no longer see this milestone as a life-ender. Oh no! Turning 30 is nothing but a milestone. In fact, women seem to be aging a lot better now than they did back in the day.


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Modern women in their 30s get to enjoy more freedom, and that includes having a lot more fun with their hair, their wardrobe, and understanding that fashion has no age. So when it comes to style and makeup, the bolder the look is, the younger and fresher they feel. In today’s world there is only one rule: to each their own! The freedom to express themselves and enjoy their bodies through clothes and accessories also makes women look youthful and relaxed.

Makeup For Special Occasions


Women didn’t really spend a lot of time browsing through Sephora, racking up $100 on skincare kits, that new Jeffree Star eyeshadow palette, and oil-free CC creams. But today, the sky’s the limit. There are tons of makeup lines to choose from to help women enhance their natural beauty, all while keeping their skin moisturized and safe from the sun.

Mo’ Money

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Women are more financially independent, so they can splurge on cosmetics, mani-pedis, facials and hair dyes, so they look (and feel!) like a million bucks. Any gal will tell you that the prettier she feels the younger she’ll look.

Life Goals Are Rejuvenating

Women from previous generations believed that getting married and starting a family was pretty much the only option they had at 30. But today’s women are free to do pretty much whatever they please. They can get an education, start a career, have a family, (and why not, do it all at the same time!) without having to feel guilty about their choices. So, instead of resigning to just one possible path, they look forward to the future and choosing whatever works for them!

They Use Advanced Cosmetic Techniques


In the past, women could only dream about getting any touch ups. But today’s modern woman has access to cosmetologists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons that can enhance their features with a little exfoliation, botox, chemical peels, and fillers, which undoubtedly make them look younger.

Styling Helps Too

Women are no longer expected to dress like their mothers in order to look feminine. Now they have a wide range of options. Best of all? Wearing bright clothes, distressed jeans, or nose piercings wouldn’t make anyone gasp. They don’t have to succumb to lady suits, long old-fashion skirts, or cover their bodies just because they turned 30!

The Key To Looking Young


Women’s health always took a back seat in the past, as this was considered a pretty superficial trait. Sure, they used to get their hair done, and applied some makeup here and there, but it wasn’t so common to talk about beauty treatments and wanting to tune their faces to look their very best. Plus, women know the importance of getting yearly check ups too. If there’s a problem, the best thing to do is to see a doctor. Getting regular check-up puts the mind at ease, reduces stress, and ensures you have a long, happy, healthier life.

Water Is Age Defying

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Women used to drink tea to keep their energy levels up. But now women know that drinking water is healthier because it flushes out toxins that can lead to premature aging and it’s got no chemicals or sugar in it. It also hydrates the skin to keep it looking young and fresh. Bonus!

They’re More Confident


Parents, husbands, and strangers used to be pretty condescending with women. But today’s females are a force to be reckoned with. Their self-confidence is at an all-time high, so they can stand up for themselves against any naysayer, which gives them age-defying strength in the process.