12 Heartwarming Photos That Will Leave You Feeling Absolutely Uplifted

The world is full of great things, beautiful landscapes, loving animals, chirping birds and even some grateful human beings. Given that everyone has a smartphone and a perfect camera now, this is a great world to live in. We can capture the best of memories and moments with just a click. So, if you are one of those people who are probably bored of reading all the calamities around, this list will put you in a really good mood instantly.

Here is a list of 12 Heartwarming Photos That Will Leave You Feeling Absolutely Uplifted.

1. A half male, half female butterfly, still so beautiful!

2. Happily chuckling with a baby elephant.

3. A woman in a niqab rocking a hula hoop.

4.  A brave boy saved a baby deer by risking his life in the flood.

5. Faith in humanity restored!

6. Look at all these little chicks been saved. 

7. A big salute to this man!!

8. Texas Army National Guard members Sergio Esquivel and Ernest Barmore rescue 81-year-old.

9. Australian fireman helps a thirsty koala during a forest fire.

10. Shrek, an abandoned dog finally finds out what love is.

11. Custom swings for the disabled.

12. This man did everything right.

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