Two Puppies Had An Engagement Photoshoot

We know how annoying it is to see our social media plagued with pictures of couples in love when you are single. But when dealing with puppy love, our hearts are completely melted.
So we decided to help you start your day with a huge smile by bringing you this awesome engagement announcement of these two doggies.
Sebastian and Luna are two puppies from Washington D.C. They got engaged a few weeks ago at the Cheery Flower Festival.
These pups have more than 63,000 followers on their Instagram account and they are professionals when posing for the camera. Luna and Sebastian also do special appearances to help out animal shelters.
Let us share with you some pictures from their engagement party and their adorable dates. These dogs are an awesome example that true love does exist!

Awww, Such A Cute Couple!

Kiss! Kiss!

They Look So Happy!


Will You Marry Me?

What A Lovely Picnic!

They Are Best Friends


Enjoying The Beautiful View

I Love You

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Where the magggii… SLEEPING HAPPENS ❤️?. #majesticpet #ad . #truestory : Sebastian really does love Luna. One day while at a dog birthday party one lil' dog got a little too close to Luna with his treat and Luna being the curious one she is decided to take sniff of it. That said dog was not cool with that sniff. So he hovered over that treat, growled in her face & Luna being the drama queen she is screamed at the top of her lungs…. Sebastian came running from across the room yapping and ran into that dog knocking Luna away. We quickly separated them all and all ended well. But throughout the night Sebastian wouldn't even let that dog look at Luna. He would do sit obstructing his view of her, lol. Happy Friday!

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Sleeping Together