Meet The Most Convincing Taylor Swift Lookalike

Taylor Swift needs no introduction, does she? She is one of the leading recording artists and has followers in millions humming her songs. While her singing has grabbed a million hearts all over the world, her signature style has received oodles of love too. She is super popular amongst youngsters and probably the most flawless of all. Talking about people trying to carry her style, a lot of doppelgangers have come forward and most of them are quite impressive. But when it comes to April Gloria, the world stops. Instagrammer April Gloria, a girl from Kansas is the most convincing Taylor Swift lookalike ever. And how can we say that? Well, you need to check out her pictures here:

1. Her’s Gloria when she is trying to look exactly like Taylor Swift.

2. We know it is confusing but trust us this is Gloria.

3. This is another picture where Gloria is looking just like our favourite pop star.

4. We are damn sure you are jealous now.

5. Don’t you want to look like her?

6. From super cherry red lipstick and Taylor Swift’s signature boots, she has it all.

7. Oh and smokey eyes. How can we forget that?

8. The resemblance, however, doesn’t end here. April has become the most famous Instagrammer because of her deceiving looks.

9. She has tons of selfies to prove that on her Instagram account.

10. Not just this, she even followed Taylor Swift and her dark makeup with choker necklaces and dark lips.

11. We must say Gloria is definitely nailing the doppelganger thing.